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Dom's Blackball Pool Rules Summary

1. Lag for Break.

2. Break from anywhere behind the baulk line.

3. From break 2 balls must cross the centre line or a ball potted.

4. Groups decided on single colour potted in a single shot, exception following a foul, balls are not determined on the free shot. You do not have to nominate in blackball.

5. A ball must either be potted or hit a cushion after initial impact otherwise it is a foul shot. (apart from getting out of snookers when you just have to touch the ball.) If the object ball is touching the cushion this ball does not count as hitting a cushion after impact, after hitting the object ball a ball must hit a cushion or be potted.

6. Being snookered means you can’t hit any part of your balls by means of a straight line shot, this is a change from being able to hit the centre of the object ball.

7. Push shots are not allowed.

8. Following a foul you can pick up the white and move to behind the baulk line no matter if you are snookered or not.

9. Following a foul you get 1 free shot then your normal visit, Two shots do not carry. Free shots allow you to hit any ball providing it is either potted or a ball hits the cushion after contact.

10. Combination shots are allowed providing you strike your own ball first and a ball from your own group is also potted.

11. Section 8 of the rules are guidelines for Tournament and leagues and as such the usual league rules apply in regards to time and coaching etc.

12. If a ball drops into a pocket without being touched or after 5 seconds of the shot ending then the ball is to be replaced on the blackspot.

Dom, 16th September 2021