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Week 6   16-06-2022

Burwell  3v6  Clicks A
Clicks B  5v4  Cherry Tree A (Cheveley Road)
Exning Road B  6v3  Cheveley Road
Foresters A  5v4  The Yard A


Week 5   09-06-2022

Clicks A  4v5  Foresters A
Cheveley Road  4v5  Burwell
Exning Road B  7v2  Clicks B
The Yard A  0v9  Cherry Tree A (Cheveley Road)


Week 4   26-05-2022

Burwell  5v4  Exning Road B
Clicks B  4v5  The Yard A
Cherry Tree A (Cheveley Road)  3v6  Clicks A
Foresters A  4v5  Cheveley Road


Week 3   19-05-2022

Burwell  6v3  Clicks B
Clicks A  7v2  The Yard A
Cheveley Road  2v7  Cherry Tree A (Cheveley Road)
Exning Road B  5v4  Foresters A


Week 2   05-05-2022

Clicks B  PvP  Clicks A
Cherry Tree A (Cheveley Road)  6v3  Exning Road B
Foresters A  3v6  Burwell
The Yard A  5v4  Cheveley Road


Week 1   28-04-2022

Burwell  6v3  Cherry Tree A (Cheveley Road)
Clicks A  6v3  Cheveley Road
Exning Road B  3v6  The Yard A
Foresters A  3v6  Clicks B