Singles Competition

Due to a power cut at the five bells I asked that anyone turning up was sent to Studlands Park, Pally B went to Studlands. The power came back on before anyone else got to the venue so the remaining players played out when they turned up. Becuase Pally B was the only one sent to the other venue I have put them through as well as the player at the original venue. Will think of a better contingency plan for next season.
Also no-one turned up at the Cheveley Road Club

Thanks Dom, 14/07/2014

The Marquis Cornwallis have withdrawn from the Summer League.
Thanks Dom, 9th July 2014

***** League Extended *****

Due to the high number of postponed games this Thursday (19th June) we are going to put the finals night back a week to give us a spare week to play games if needed.