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Note Dom now maintains the latest results, tables and player stats on this website. Which will mean the the website will be updated quicker (you won't have to wait for me) but the Recent Site History will not reflect his changes. But I'm sure he will post to facebook when he has updated this website.
Cheers, Keith, 31/08/2014
Update I've added "Dom's Updates" that looks at the date the files are created. So Hopefully it will be easy to see when Dom updates the website.
Cheers, Keith, 20/09/2014

Dom's Updates

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20/09/2014 Added "Dom's Updates".
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Latest News

Singles Competition
Due to a power cut at the five bells I asked that anyone turning up was sent to Studlands Park, Pally B went to Studlands. The power came back on before anyone else got to the venue so the remaining players played out when they turned up. Becuase Pally B was the only one sent to the other venue I have put them through as well as the player at the original venue. Will think of a better contingency plan for next season.
Also no-one turned up at the Cheveley Road Club
Thanks Dom, 14/07/2014

The Marquis Cornwallis have withdrawn from the Summer League.
Thanks Dom, 9th July 2014

***** League Extended *****

Due to the high number of postponed games this Thursday (19th June) we are going to put the finals night back a week to give us a spare week to play games if needed.



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